Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Dog's Dying Day

A group of volunteers went out Sunday. They were on a mission to get hay to dog houses. They were on a mission to make sure dogs had a chance in the freezing cold months to come.

The volunteers came to a house. There was a white dog lying on the ground, his head laying in a bowl. There was another white dog running around. There was no dog house.


Upon further review, it was concluded the bowl was empty. The dog's mouth just rested in the bowl. Maybe in hopes he wouldn't go hungry yet another day.

The dog didn't move for the longest time. Some volunteers thought he was stuck to the ground, as in frozen to the ground.

One volunteer threw a rawhide over the fence. The white dog struggled to get to it. He was able to lift his front legs but that was all he was able to move. The owners of the house wouldn't answer the door (although please note two vehicles and a very clear and easy-to-read license plate) and both the front yard fence and back yard fences were padlocked. The volunteers decided to leave and come back with backup (such as police or animal control) to get the dogs some shelter or medical care.
Exactly 1 1/2 hours later the volunteers returned. The white dog, unable to move himself before, now lay dead. What you see in the picture is an infection (although it looks like a bullet wound it is not) chances are he died of exposure. It was in the single digits with windchill Saturday night and Sunday. He had no shelter, and was frozen to the ground.

 Rest in peace little man, rest in peace.

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  1. I think the laws for entering onto someone's property without consent should excude that of life or death sitiuations. In that case the law should allow entering in order to help an animal or person in danger. It's just common sense. Because these nice people had to follow the law it cost this dog his life and that is the true crime here. It makes me sick to think it was all preventable.